Dry and Irritated Skin Treatments for Pets

We’ve all seen pets that seem to drive themselves crazy with dry skin. Our poor dogs and cats don’t know that constant scratching, clawing, and biting of their itchy skin is only making it worse. It’s up you to help them get rid of dry and irritated skin. How do you do that? Well you try one these helpful tips for healthier skin and coats:

Poor nutrition is often one of the main causes of dry skin. Commercial dog and cat foods often lack essential nutrients that help our pet’s coats and skin stay healthy. Search for pet foods with natural ingredients that contain leaner proteins and fatty acids which help your dog or cat maintain shiny, healthy coats and skin. You can also ask your veterinarian for nutritional supplements and healthy snacks for your pets that contain vitamins and minerals needed for excellent skin health.

Bathing your pets too often can dry out their skin. Never use people shampoo as it is much too harsh for their skin. Instead find moisturizing shampoos made especially for pets. Grooming experts and veterinarians recommend bathing your pet once every ten days or so. This helps your pets stay clean and healthy at the same time.

A little trick I sometimes recommend is adding some olive oil to my dog’s food twice per week. The oil helps my dog develop moist skin and smoother, shiny hair. Oatmeal baths are also popular for helping soothe the skin of your pets. The only problem I found with oatmeal baths is that my dog then proceeds to taste every part of its body cause it now smells and tastes like delicious oatmeal!

Vitamin extract supplements are also widely-accepted forms of dry skin treatment. Try applying these supplements directly to your pet’s skin and rub them in well. Fish oils, teat tree oil, and calendula extract tend to work best. Vitamin E supplements also work well for revitalizing a pet’s skin.

Try to make sure your pets are drinking plenty of water. If you find that they aren’t drinking enough water on their own, try supplementing their diets with wet foods. Hydrated animals tend to have moist skin compared to animals that don’t drink enough water.

Monitor your pets regularly for changes in their skin condition. If any of the above remedies don’t help or their condition worsens, have a veterinarian examine your pet. There are times that no matter what you do skin diseases and conditions just have to be treated with medication. Your pets will eventually have healthy, vibrant skin at the end of this entire ordeal if you take the time to help them.


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