One thought on “Pet health cerified-organic products”

  1. Hi Amy, Roxy,

    Funny how I’d forgotten that this is an area in which there is still skepticism :). Everybody I know, well nearly, communicates with animals. When I first started telling people I was an animal communicator I was a bit shy. I found though that just by my mentioning it, even the most conservative of people would have a story to tell about receiving communications from animals and/or nature. I wasn’t shy for long. Now I just take it for granted that given a little nudge nearly everyone can remember having had such an experience.

    Roxy, if you can suspend your disbelief for awhile and open to the possibility of communication you may find that you too have had experience with animal communication. We don’t normally keep the experiences in consciousness because we have been told that it’s just not done (by sane people) but losing that programing for a moment can yield interesting results.


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