The Importance of Finding the Right Dog Crate

Dogs are den animals. It’s their nature. Knowing this, it is important to create a safe area in the home where your dog can call its own little den. I recommend dog crates. They provide a safe, personal area where your dog can curl up to take a quick nap or to distress with a good rope toy.

Now you are probably wondering what type of crate would be best for your dog. The answer to this question depends on how you plan to use it. In other words do you plan on using primarily for traveling with your pet or is it going to stay in the home as your dog’s own little place of residence within the house? Do you want a crate that can fold for easy storage or would you prefer a corner pin which you can simply leave in one area of the home? These are important questions to consider before making an investment in a dog crate that you may not use in the way you intended.

When it comes to the size of the crate is all depends on the size of your dog. It is important the dog is comfortable in the crate. It needs to be tall enough for it to stand up to its full height and, wide enough to allow the dog to lie on his side and stretch out. A crate that is too small is bad for the dog both physically and mentally.

The most common reason a dog owner would use a crate is to confine their dog without making it feel either isolated or punished. Ultimately, you want the crate to be the dog’s little home in a home. Try setting it in a corner, close to where everyone in the home typically hangs out. The dog should feel like it has some privacy in its crate but also as it is part of the family when everyone is home.

There are different advantages between plastic crates and wire crates. For example, wire crates allow your dog to see more of his surroundings, providing good visibility in all directions for the dog. A plastic crate restricts its view of the room. Wire crates allow more air circulation, which is always better when it is hot and humid out. If your home is cool and drafty in the winter, I recommend a plastic crate since they are better insulated. Finally, wire crates typically fold flat or can be quickly disassembled for storage. Plastic crates are neither of these but work as an open dog bed by removing the top.

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  1. Hi, Megan-

    Puppies chew – it’s part of their growing up, and a necessary behavior. So the problem is allowing them to chew while protecting yourself and your stuff! Another cute puppy I’ve met recently is a wicked biter. His little teeth can puncture the skin easily. To combat the problem, his human always has a plastic bottle – like a pepsi or water bottle in her hand to distract him. He chews that instead of her arm (usually).

    BTW – How are you and the pup doing?


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